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Workshops & Retreats

I can tailor affordable small group workshops in your home, school, workplace or community centre.

The focus may be on utilising art AS therapy. ie. Engaging in process arts is  beneficial for mindfulness, relaxation and stress reduction.

Alternatively, group work can also focus on more therapeutic outcomes such as confidence, self esteem, self-awareness/reflection, goal-setting, team building or professional development.

Please contact to discuss.


Therapeutic Art Workshops

Small group sessions facilitated by Eliza Phillips -

Artist, Art Teacher & Art Therapist.

Art therapy/ therapeutic art for enhanced wellbeing, reducing stress, sensory regulation, developing self-awareness and strengths.

A gentle exploration of different mediums including drawing, painting, alcohol inks, collage, clay, mixed media, sculpture & textiles.

Safe, inclusive, neuro-affirming, relaxed environment.

No art experience necessary, and no pressure to share in front of others.  

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Art studio coming soon...

My artist husband Ben Phillips and I are renovating a purpose built studio that will become a creative hub for both art therapy and creative art classes.

This space will host a range of art classes, life drawing, and open studio opportunities for both kids and adults.

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